The following was originally published in the St Augustine Examiner, dated April 13, 1861.

St. Augustine Examiner, Vol III, No. 31

A newspaper advertisement for A. M. Bininger & Co.
Old London Dock Gin, typical of the era.

Text transcribed from the above.

Bininger's Old London Dock Gin

COMPLIMENTARY. —— The POPULAR WINE IMPORTERS, Messrs A. M. BININGER & Co, No. 19 Broad Street New York, have received the following substanial indorsements of their "OLD LONDON DOCK GIN," which appears to be a standard article with the Druggists.


The "OLD LONDON DOCK GIN" of Messrs. A. M. BININGER & CO., 19 Broad Street, has been a favorite with the profession for many years. I have frequently prescribed it, and always with a decided advantage, where my directions have been followed. It is evidently the product of very careful distillation —— the active principle —— the juniper berry, being so blendid as to give to the spirit a very delicate, fruity and aromatic flavor. In the course of a practice of ten years, I have had occasion to test many of the Gins in the market, and after a very careful examination of numerous samples, have decided that "BININGER'S OLD LONDON DOCK GIN" has no equal. Really good Gin is indispensable in every household, and the OLD LONDON DOCK comes emphatically under that head. In selling such an article at a fair price, this old Knickerbocker house is doing much for the cause of true temperance.
8 West 39th Street, N. Y.

"BININGER'S OLD LONDON DOCK GIN" possesses all the qualities that can be desired for this highest and noblest use of all wines and liquors. Its ingredients are the distilled juices of carefully selected grains and made delicately pungent and flavorous with the aromatic tincture of the juniper berry. Age has mellowed all teese mingled aromas, and given an exquisite mildness —— a smooth oily body —— and an almost floral odor to the liquor, which renders it delicious to the senses of smell and taste alike, while its sparkling liquid purity leaves nothing for the eye to desire.

In conclusion, the writer must remark that Messrs A. M. BININGER & CO., 19 Broad Street N. Y. merit the gratitude of the entire medical profession, as well as the world at large, for having introduced a stimulant of such unexceptionable purity, and unequivocal power, both as preventative and curative agent, and a harmless exhilirating beverage. —— [Chemical Journal and Medical Gazette.]

December 1 1860.

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